1521 Social Group

A fun social group for 15 to 21 year olds with social challenges.

What is 1521?

The 1521 Social Group is a program for young people aged between 15 and 21 in the Shepparton area.

Our aim is to provide opportunities for friendship and community participation.

It’s a safe space for young people with social challenges such as Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, those who lack confidence or have learning difficulties to feel supported.

Let's Have Some Fun

The 1521 Social Group always has a lot of fun! Whether we go bowling, watch a movie and eat pizza, go on a bush walk or head to Fun City, it’s a great way to gather, meet people and get involved.

Our Aim

The 1521 Social Group aims to:

  • Develop the communication skills and self confidence of participants through supported
    social activities in the local community.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to build leadership skills by assisting with organising events.
  • For all participants and their Parents/Carers to have fun, make new friends and try new things.
  • Increase participation and engagement in community events.
  • Encourage participants to arrange their own gatherings outside those offered by the 1521 Social Group with their new friends.

Additional Information

Parents and Carers Involvement

The 1521 Social Group is part of the Strengthening Parent Support Program. We therefore ask Parents and Carers to accompany participants and engage with other Parents and Carers during the program.


Costs are partially subsidised by Inspired Carers however a small fee may be charged depending on the activity.

Why 15 and Over?

Activity content may not always be relevant for younger audiences. The relationships we build and leadership skills that have been interwoven into
the program will not always be developmentally appropriate for participants under 15 years.

How to Get Involved

Request to join the 1521 Social Group Facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/1521YouthGroup) for all the details on upcoming events.

Register to attend an event via Facebook or call:

Jo Fasano, Program Coordinator
P: 0405 565 366
E: 1521@inspiredcarers.org.au

Nicole O'Brien, Inspired Carers Program Manager
P: 03 5831 7157
E: manager@inspiredcarers.org.au

Please note: Registrations are essential and 24 hours notice is required for any cancellation. Prior to participating in events, you will be required to complete a Youth Participant Form and Strengthening Parent Support Program Family Record.

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